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Life Choices

Goal: Young people have opportunities and can avail of them

1. Decent work is provided and accessible

2. Informed sexual and reproductive health choices are being made

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Why Life Choices?
There are about 1.2 billion young people (15-24 years) living in the world today – the largest ever generation of youth in history. Eighty five per cent of those young people live in the developing world where there is a youth bulge in the population. Youth bulges create two possibilities:
  • an opportunity for a demographic dividend i.e. the accelerated economic growth that can happen as the population age structure changes
  • a risk of a demographic bomb i.e. social and political instability as the cohort of frustrated youth grows because they lack opportunities for engagement in productive activities.

The quality and nature of young people’s future lives depend on what choices they have, and make, during the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Only when young people, men and women equally, have access to quality education and employment, and when they are able to make choices about when and who they marry and when and how many children to have, will they be able to fully contribute to society and raise a future generation that is protected.

 HDF’s Response

HDF’s Life Choices programme seeks to ensure that young people (12-24 years) have opportunities and can avail of them. HDF supports projects that:

  • equip young people with life skills
  • provide access to market-related training
  • work on improvement of working conditions for young people
  • support access to sexual reproductive health services
  • address social norms that restrict young people from fulfilling their potential