What We Do

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What We Do

Human Dignity Foundation makes grants to not-for–profit organisations that have a shared approach to working with children and young people. Children and young people account for almost half the world’s population and although their rights to survival, development, protection and participation are guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, millions of children experience poverty and abuse.

HDF will complete its grantmaking in 2021 and as of the beginning of 2017 it has 5 years remaining to complete its strategic contribution to beneficiaries, grantees and the sector. During this period HDF will narrow its programmatic focus to two areas:

  • Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)
  • Harmful Practices (HP)

This decision is based on substantial discussions between HDF staff, management and board, and recommendations from an external Impact Review.

HDF has developed a new Theory of Change 2017-2021 to guides its programmatic work during the last period of its life, for details click on the image below. In addition, HDF will continue to support capacity building of grantees, building evidence and strengthening sector.

Funding Approaches

HDF espouses a holistic model we work with a mixture of local, national and international grantees to achieve individual and societal change providing levels of funding appropriate to the context.

We support organisations that are rooted in the context recognising that these are best placed to work with communities and are also less vulnerable to turnover and trending. We support organisations that are committed, passionate, effective and efficient; organisations that have a track record and a minimum standard of governance. In selected instances, we support organisations that show promise but have capacity gaps.

The organisations that we support are doing work that:

  • is innovative and creative, at the leading edge of social change
  • is rooted in communities and involves them each step of the way
  • takes a holistic and long-term approach
  • builds the strength of communities and organisations to advocate for change
  • challenges policies or institutions that perpetuate injustice
  • collaborates with, but does not replace, government structures and services
  • makes a measurable, sustainable difference (recognising that this takes time)

As HDF supports a large number of major projects, further requests for funding will not be accepted at the moment.

HDF does not provide grants to individuals.