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Project Description

Plan Ireland

UBR in Liberia 2

Birth Registration Campaign in Liberia

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Promoting Birth Registration for Children’s Development and Protection – Phase II

Grant Amount: $820,278
Duration: May 2014 – Dec 2016
Location: Sierra Leone & Liberia

Plan Ireland is a member of Plan International and focuses its work on West Africa.

The overall objective of the programme is to fulfill the right of children to be registered at birth so as to improve access to development opportunities and protection from violence and exploitation. The project operates on policy and practice levels and aims to address the issue of low rates of BR in a comprehensive manner. The project works closely with the national governments and civil society actors which ensures its sustainability and fit with national development strategies.

The devastating Ebola virus outbreak has resulted in significant loss of life and social disruption across the region of West Africa.  The project was significantly disrupted and HDF extended the grant period to ensure the significant gains to BR in the region are not lost.