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Project Description

Centre for Justice & Crime Prevention


Ensuring Access to Safe & Inclusive Schools in High Violence Communities

Grant amount: $2,094,815
Time frame: Jan 2015 – Dec 2019
Location: South Africa

Centre for Justice & Crime Prevention  (CJCP)  was established in 2005 to develop, inform and promote evidence-based violence prevention and safety policy and practice. CJCP undertakes rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, which it then translates into demonstration projects that generate robust data on effective prevention strategies.

The project uses multi-level interventions at school, at home and within the community in order to improve safety for children and young people in disadvantaged communities in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape province. The project is based on an approach to child safety and well-being that takes into account the full context of a child’s life including members of family, school, community, peers and physical environment.