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Other Partners

HDF seeks to fund collaboratively where possible in order to share learning, monitoring and evaluation. HDF works  in collaboration with a number pf private foundations and bilateral donors to ensure strategic and sustainable investment.  When appropriate HDF engages in formal funders networks and groups, for details see below.

Elevate Children logo

Since 2013, HDF is a member of Elevate Children, a group of independent funders who work towards two broad goals:

(1) prevent and protect children from violence and

(2) strengthen systems for family based care and reduce dependence on the institutionalization of children.

For more information visit here.

PSIPSE – Partnership to Strengthen Innovation & Practice in Secondary Education

HDF was a member of PSIPSE between 2012 and 2014. PSIPSE is a multi-donor collaborative to promote innovation and scale-up successful interventions in the secondary education space. For more details visit here.

IEFG logo

Since 2012 HDF is a member of the International Education Funders Group (IEFG), an affinity network of foundations and donor-advised funds supporting basic education in the Global South. For more information visit here.