Safeguarding Policy

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Safeguarding Policy

Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) is committed to ensuring that the programmes it funds are respectful of, and accountable to, all programme participants. Our values of passion, accountability, courage and excellence underpin this commitment.

HDF recognises that children are particularly vulnerable and must therefore be actively protected; this policy sets out our approach to protection.

HDF recognises the rights of children to be protected from any harm or abuse. HDF is committed to taking all the necessary steps to ensure that children are protected and receive the support they need, recognising that some children face particular risks related to their gender, race, disability, etc.

The objectives of the policy are to ensure that:

  • Children who come in contact with HDF are protected from any form of abuse
  • HDF’s grantees and their partners are committed to protection of children and that their policies and behaviour reflect this commitment
  • HDF’s staff and board members are fully cognisant of protection issues
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