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Project Description

Plan India

Plan International Final

Strengthening Prevention, Prosecution and Protection Services for Children at Risk of Trafficking for Labour

Grant Amount: $3,426,847
Duration: Jun 2013- Jun 2018
Location: Andhra Pradesh & Bangalore, India

The project is implemented by a consortium of organisations with Plan India as a lead agency, other partners are Bharathi Integrated Rural Development Society, Mahita, MARI, Sravanti and Academy of Gandhian Studies.

Overall goal of the project is to prevent, protect and rehabilitate 50,000 children under 14 years who are at risk of, or subjected to, trafficking for labour in 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore by strengthening the government laws and institutions for child protection and establishing community based mechanisms thus ensuring that children’s right to protection from exploitation and their right to education and development are fulfilled.

The project is designed to have an impact both at the source and destination areas of trafficking for child labour through targeting the root causes of child labour i.e. lack of awareness amongst communities, poverty, unemployment and poor implementation of law.