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Project Description

Irish Rule of Law International


Improved Access to Justice

Grant amount: $434,854
Time frame: July 2014 – July 2017
Location: Malawi

Irish Rule of Law International is dedicated to promoting the rule of law in developing countries. IRLI seeks to harness the skills of Irish lawyers in using the law as a means of tackling global injustice and empowering all people to live in a society free from inequality, corruption and conflict.

The project will focus on two main institutions, Maula Adult Prison and Kachere Juvenile Reformatory Centre, as well as the criminal justice sector in six districts of Central Region in Malawi. The project seeks to increase knowledge amongst stakeholders in the criminal justice sector such as police officers, magistrates, courts clerks, advocates and paralegals on issues such as due process, alternative sentencing, human rights, bail applications, child protection and restorative justice in particular.