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Project Description



Child  Marriage in Malawi

Grant amount:$2,225,157

Duration: Jan 2017 – Dec 2020

Location: Malawi

Camfed has supported more than 1.6 million children, the vast majority girls, in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe through a community-based, holistic approach to improve educational access and quality, learning environments and children’s welfare. In addition, since the launch of the Camfed Association (CAMA) alumnae network in Zimbabwe in 1998, and most recently in Malawi in 2013, thousands of young women have been supported to transition from school to further education, job creation and income generation.

Seeking to positively contribute to an overall impact goal of a reduction in early and child marriage among girls and women in Malawi.

The project’s specific objectives are namely:

  1. Young women activists act as role models and activists for vulnerable girls
  2. Improved school retention and completion amongst vulnerable girls achieved (particularly at upper primary level for girls aged between 11-16 years)
  3. Joined-up action at local/regional/national level addresses causes of child marriage and reinforces implementation of effective policy/legislation

CAMA – Supporting Young Women to Lead Change in Rural Malawi

Grant amount:$1,703,705
Duration: Jun 2013 – Jun 2016
Location: Malawi

Cama is a peer support network of young women, mainly from rural areas, set up and supported by Camfed. Cama began in response to demand by Camfed-supported school graduates who recognised the need to develop their own skills and to make such opportunities more widely available to other girls and young women in their communities. The purpose of the network is to provide a platform for young women’s advancement and help them to make the transition from school into employment/livelihood by offering business, leadership and tertiary education opportunities to female school-leavers.

The overall project objective is to develop a pool of empowered young women with strong business skills, who will be able to secure better livelihoods for themselves, their families and the communities. This will be achieved by:

1. The establishment of a vibrant network for young women in rural areas

2. Increased and/or more secure incomes for young women

3. Increased philanthropy, activism and civic engagement of young women

Girls’ education and young women’s empowerment in Zimbabwe and Malawi

Grant amount:$200,000
Duration: Jul 2011 – Jun 2012
Location: Malawi & Zimbabwe
Project Closed

This project comprised of a bursary scheme for secondary education and a seed money programme for school leavers in Zimbabwe and Malawi. The bursaries are given in the context of a holistic programme that addresses school management, peer support, teacher mentors etc.

With this grant, 500 girls have received school bursaries in Zimbabwe and Malawi and 125 girls benefited from the seed money initiative in Zimbabwe.