A Blueprint for Better Business

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Project Description

A Blueprint for Better Business

A Blueprint for better business


A Blueprint for Better Business

Grant amount: $600,000
Time frame: Jan 2014 – Jan 2017
Location: International

The aim of this project is to provide businesses with a way of achieving a return to the notion that business is rooted in purpose and in delivering goods and services to the communities it serves, rather than purely making a profit. BBB has sought to provide a way to achieve this using a Framework of Principles for organisations to use to formulate a corporate purpose beyond that of a solely financial return and to develop an ethos of transparency.  The linkage between BBB and HDF’s work is apparent, as issues of child labour and exploitation will never be addressed while profit is the sole motivator.  The opportunity to influence the business practices of multi-national corporations contributes directly and substantially to HDF’s strategic objectives.